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How I Layer My Clip In Hair Extensions

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Please remember that I strongly suggest taking your extensions to a salon that has experience with extensions to have them cut to suit your style. But if you are a do it yourself-er (like me!) then I would suggest testing this method on some old extensions first before you start chopping into your new ones.

This has taken me a long time to master and it is in no way professional! I like to keep my extensions thick but with layers to help blend with the rest of my hair. I use my natural hair as the first layer and layer the rest of the extensions to match. Hope this helps you guys out! This is just how I like my hair extensions to be layered everybody is different.

How to give yourself face framing layers: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y5waeQNHk6U

Extensions were provided by: http://www.mypinkvanity.com/ I am wearing two sets of 120 grams (fine/medium) that I sewed together to make the wefts longer.

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