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Sculptured Nails and Nappy Hair

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Sculptured Nails and Nappy Hair
SCULPTURED NAILS AND NAPPY HAIR is the widely acclaimed, debut text by LiNCOLN PARK; one of the Nation’s most prolific writers of AFRoPuLP fiction novels. Throughout each of the four short stories in this riveting collection, these most unlikely, Black heroines of the 1980′s are forced to address issues such as paternal death, love triangles, entrepreneurship and premeditated murder. What is AFRoPuLP? AFRoPuLP is fiction writing that explores Pulp Fiction from a multicultural perspective. It is not for the faint of heart or the self-righteous, though. The language and subject matter can get rough. AFRoPuLP books combine sci-fi; murder, sex, mystery and life as a minority in America into neat little packages of complexity. Neat Complexity. See what we mean? LOL

Product Specification :

ISBN :1411640624
Format :P aperback: 244 pages
Publisher :Lulu.Com
Date Published :09/30/2005
List price :14.94

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