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How do I recover from from damaged hair while transitioning to go natural?

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I have not gotten my hair relaxed in a year. At first, it was not intentional for me to go natural, I just hated going to get my hair relaxed everytime there was a little new growth. Now I want to go natural and embrace my hair, however in the process I have kept my hair in a ponytail for a year and have not taken much care of it. Now after a year, I’ve noticed breakage of the relaxed hair and the short nappy hair is left. Parts of my hair is still long and other parts (the parts in the middle where I had my ponytail and in the front) have broken off considerably until all thats left is my natural hair. I was just wondering if this will affect my hair when I decide to chop it all off. My natural hair is atleast an inch long at the damaged parts. I am just afraid and nervous about cutting it off. I know if I don’t cut it soon the damage will continue. I NEED HELP!!!

i also stopped relaxing my hair and now its natural except for some ends i need to trim…anyway by this time those places that are relaxed are probably just dead hair that is coming out, you should cut them off. try cornrowing your hair (not too tight) and if you wear tight hairstyles stop it!! the relaxed hair will continue to break i thinks its normal when you’re transitioning. what i did was as my natural hair grew more and more i slowly cut off the ends. i cut little but little and now the natural hair as long enough to my liking that i can cut the dead end off completely.hope i helped a bit..

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