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How do you get rid of nappy hair on boys?

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Im a boy. im black mixed with indian, and my dad and sister have perfect striaght hair(without the use of chemicals) i have nappy hair, but i have been told when i do put grease spray and gel in. i have "good hair" but is there anyway i can get straight hair like my father? i know there is relaxer but i want to know if there are other ways.

Well.. iam not a boy but i have a brother & nephew that uses this stuff. They put this grease on it called softee & use a hard bristled brush that is moist. & @ night they tie it up in a du rag & it makes their hair soft & manageable. They dont sell it online @ walmart.com but u can get this @ the actual store. But i pasted a link 2 show the pic of it below.

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