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Why is it that nappy Black hair is mocked by mainstream society?

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I think nappy hair is beautiful, but society in general feels otherwise.

I too think nappy hair is beautiful and you are right society in general does feel otherwise. In modern day culture the "barbie" image is most common. It is drilled into children’s minds through commercials, tv shows and magazines that in order to be considered beautiful you have to be tall, thin, and tanned with blond hair and blue eyes. Many girls go to extreme measures to obtain this image. By dyeing hair, unnecessary dieting, going to tanning beds or using that horrible lotion that turns you orange. I have even known some girls to take medication that has not been approved by the USDA to increase their height. I have always found these things foolish but, I generally mock main stream society anyway. The reason why so many people believe this is literally brain washing. Our subconscious notices these thing but, our conscious does not thus resulting in people doing stupid things in order to obtain the "perfect image".

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