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What are some decent natural skin & hair products?

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I’ve tried a couple of natural hair products and they left my hair feeling awful and greasy. I tried a natural cleanser and it didn’t do anything for my skin. I am not comfortable with using more chemicals on my face, especially since it will absorb into my bloodstream. What brands have good, natural skin products?
Neutrogena is definitely *not* all natural…

AL Natural Cosmetics are 100% Natural, their products are great!
My faves:
Shampoo: http://www.alnaturalcosmetics.com/servlet/the-142/Chamomile-Lavender-Shampoo-fdsh-Conditioner/Detail

Cream, and cleanser: http://www.alnaturalcosmetics.com/servlet/the-157/delizioso%2C-green%2C-tea%2C-set%2C/Detail
for the bath I love their salts: http://www.alnaturalcosmetics.com/servlet/the-Bath-Salt/Categories
and bubble baths: http://www.alnaturalcosmetics.com/servlet/the-Bubble-Bath/Categories
Also u can get 10% off your first purchase here is the code: chd10off

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