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How do i get natural african american hair if I already have relaxed hair?

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I have relaxed african american hair but if I wanted to go natural, what are the steps to starting it and keeping it nice? Is it easier to maintain relaxed hair or natural hair?

While you are transitioning start using natural proucts. Natural hair performs better and is more manageable when maintained with natural products and I noticed that when transtioning my hair was easier to deal with when I used them as well.

Deep condion your hair and do protein treatments every two weeks, every week do a hot oil treatment and massage your scalp. Get a scalp “grease” that does not contain petroleum and mineral oil but has natural oils in it like shea butter to apply to your scalp for growth. Mineral Oil and petroleum clog the pores and can inhibit growth so go as natural as possible. Stay a way from black hair care products in stores as they usually have mineral oil in them.

Surfactants like SLS and SLES can sometimes (depends on the product) dry out natural hair, so when you go natural use a sulfate free shampoo. Surfactants DO however perform well on relaxed hair, so don’t use a sulfate free shampoo while you’re transitioning. Sulfate free shampoos are typically castille based and castille is super akaline and can leave relaxed hair brittle, dry and hard.

I find it easier to maintain natural hair. You don’t have to cut off your relaxed hair all at once. If you use good products you can “stretch” your relaxed hair till you are comfortable with cutting it off. Clip off a little bit of your relaxed hair monthly as well. This will make your transition easier and better without damaging any of your hair.

Here is the product line where I purchase my prouducts. They’re excellent and are all natural . I used these when I was both relaxed and natural and had really great results as well as growth. http://mineralindulgence.com/

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