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Learn About Hair Extensions

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Have you ever seen a celebrity on television with long, thick, amazing hair? You’ve tried every shampoo and conditioner and your hair never looks that good. There’s a reason their hair looks so great. The reality is that they have hair extensions. Hair extensions used to be just for rich and famous women, but now you can visit a hair extension salon and have them too. They are made from either human hair or synthetic hair. Some people choose synthetic hair because it is much lower in price than human hair. Synthetic hair is also available in a wide variety of colors, even some fun choices like pastel or neon.

Hair extensions should only be done by a professional hair extension salon. Choose a salon that is known for the service and has many years experience in this procedure. There are several ways that hair extensions can be attached to your natural hair. One way is to attach the hair in a strand-by-strand method. The strand-by-strand method can last for up to 6 months. A very small area of attachment is placed close to your head and the real human hair is blended to the natural color of your hair. Other methods include natural bonding, sew-in technique and net weaves. This application should look completely natural and mix in with your own hair. The extensions should move and look like your own beautiful hair.

In addition to choosing the color and length of your hair extensions you should discuss the texture of your new hair with your stylist. There are many textures of hair extensions. They vary from stick straight to very kinky or curly. You should learn the different names that are used describe the textures available of extension hair. Yaki hair is very straight and resembles the straightness of typical Asian hair. European straight hair is not quite as straight as Asian hair and may have a bit of a wave. The hair extensions described as deep wave can be styled in fun spirals. Romance wave can be used to create a romantic and soft head full of curls. Finally, Spanish or Indian wave describes the sort of soft and natural looking curls that will turn very curly when wet.

Caring for hair extensions is something that you should discuss with your stylist in San Diego. Shampooing hair extensions is as simple as shampooing your natural hair. Most hair extension manufacturers suggest a very mild and buffering shampoo or you might even consider ordering a shampoo made just for wigs. Most extensions made from human hair can be treated in every way as your own real hair. It takes a considerable amount of processing to make human hair extensions consistently have an even color and a smooth texture, so a mild shampoo is a good idea. Reduce tangles and keep mats at a minimum with a light hair conditioner. Keep the water cool when you shampoo your hair extensions. This too will help keep tangles and mats from becoming a problem. Pulling with a brush or comb to remove tangles and snarls will loosen your hair extensions and undo all the beautiful work done by your salon.

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