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What are natural ways to make my hair grow quicker?

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I have thick brown hair that goes to just passed my shoulders, and I would love long, natural hair. But I also want it to be healthy and soft. One thing I’m going to try is the horse hair vitamin. What else can I do to help it?

Sun will damage your hair.
Cutting off split ends has really no effect on hair growth, just makes your hair LOOK healthier.

Mane n tail should only be used once a week, max, or it WILL make your hair fall out.

Hair care regimen:

Vitamins, essential!:
Super B complex, BIOTIN, a one a day multivitamin, and fish or codliver oil.

John frieda root awakening & Pantene beautiful lengths.

Jojoba and coconut are best.

Defense against heat:
Dove heat defense therapy.

And try to avoid wearing your hair up.
This can cause breakage.

Hope it helps :]

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