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How do you transition from relaxed hair to natural hair?

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I had a bad hair braiding experience and decided that I don’t want to relax my hair anymore after I took the braids out. I know nothing about making the transition. Ultimately I hope to have loose curls (similar to what I had when I was younger). But, I know what my current new growth looks like so are looser curls acheiveable? Also, what the heck is a texturizer and at what point would you use one (if you made the decision to get it)?

well you have 2 options:
1: cut the relax and start brand new without the headache of 2 entirely different textures
2: grow out the relaxer with regular trims.

If you grow out the relaxer take some kind of supplements to help keep it strong as you’re transitioning.
Natural hair requires different type of products and care than relaxed hair. Treasuredlocks.com has really good products for natural hair. I’m using the elixir while i transition. it makes the new growth easier to comb through and keeps it all moisturized. you will need to find a protective style as well such as a bun or braids

I also suggest that you visit
motowngirl.com and nappturality.com
to read up on how to care for you hair both while transitioning and once you’re all natural. they have various natural recipes for your hair and describe exactly how to do some of the protective styles that work well while transitioning. Also if you don’t have a support system to keep you from relaxing your hair you can join an online group or join a meet up. They have some in bigger cities like ATL and Balitmore. Since natural hair is a big thing now more and more are popping up you can google them and i’m sure find one near you. Good luck!!

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