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What is a good texturizer for strong, nappy hair?

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I am thinking about chopping my dreds, cause I am ready fro a short hairstyle. I am nervous about styling my short, strong nappy hair. Should I texturize? What hair products would you suggest?

I am of mixed heritage, having African American & Puerto Rican as my ethnicity, so I truly understand how it is to have kinky hair. However, we all have different levels of kink…so to speak.

I can recommend a few sites that may provide more information than I can, and I hope they assist. Before I do that, you must understand that kinky hair is simply:extremely tight curls. Curly hair needs moisture more than any hair type, since the oils from the scalp have a hard time rolling down the spirals of curls :-)

So, I recommend using an olive oil based moisturizer (or use olive oil itself, I do!) that’s light. There are plenty of texturizers on the market, but if you don’t want it straight…just with a ‘nice wave to it’, I recommend using a children’s relaxer, such as Just for Me..or similar..but use the Mild kind.

Try this site…it should point you in the right direction:


The link is a little wacky, but you’ll have to click on ‘home’ in the left navigation panel to access the site. :-)


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