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August 17th, 2009

Natural hair is where its at.  Old school hair styles and trends are making a slow comeback and people today more than ever are slowly gaining appreciation for natural hair and the beauty that comes along with it. For many years people have thought that perm, curly and straight hair is the way to go but with so many products and chemicals being used today it is very difficult to know what works and what doesn’t.

This website is dedicated to helping others reach a decision. The intent and purpose of this site is not to plug some products but rather to get other peoples review of products that they have tried and give thier unsolicited assessment of that product. The consumer resources tab on the right hand side will show a few of these products.  As usual it is up to you the consumer to do your own research and figure out what works best for your hair.  This here is just someone Else’s view.  We will also strive our best to point you to other resources out there that may be beneficial to you as well.

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