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How can I make my nappy hair straight silk without gettting a perm/relaxer?

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First of all, I ‘ve not used a perm/relaxer about 3 or 4 years. My hair has been twisted or braided when it shampoos and blows drying. It helps my hair grow. But sometimes i am worried when i decide to use a flat iron because it is not good for my hair or it gets damaged. That’s why i use it two or three times in a month. Every time I try to use a flat iron to straighten my hair but it gets frizzy or nappy in a few hours later or the next day. it doesnt work. it gets me frustrated. I need your help. how can my hair gets straight and silk last longer without getting a perm/relaxer? I just wonder if pressing hot comb can straighten my hair out and does it help my hair stay soft,silk and straight in a few days or a few weeks but i am scared for my hair if it gets breakable. do u have any ideas about giving me some advices or some tips?

Alright, firstly, make sure that you are using the right types of shampooing product for your hair. You could try using a product like Sunsilk (Local drugstores). Make sure that you are using the same type of shampoo AND conditioner if at all possible. If you can afford it, you shuld try buying a deep conditioner.

You could also try and use a hot oil treatment. They are very safe for your hair and they work very well. If you buy the Vo5, you are getting a good deal and a great working product. The instructions are on the box, so follow them carefully.

Next, you could even try drying your hair on a lower heat setting. Too much heat can cause the most damage to your hair. Make sure that when drying your hair, you hold the dryer about 8 inches away from your head if possible. You could try using a round barrel brush on your hair while drying it as well. Do this by taking a small section of your hair and placing the brush against where your hair meets your scalp and running the blowdryer along the other side of your brush (so that your hair is between the blowdryer and your brush).

Lastly, if you are willing to spend a lot of money, a new Paul Mitchell straightener is the best way to go if you want your hair to be pretty much perfectly straight. It is very costly. If you know anyone who has access to a salon store (ie. your hairdresser) who could maybe get the straightener for you at a discount price, try that first. This specific straightener is usually $150, but I got mine for about $90 since my mom is friends with a hair stylist running her own business.

If the Paul Mitchell straightener is too expensive for your taste, you could also try using a line of shampoos/creams/sprays for your hair called Matrix. It is the Sleek version of the shampoos in an orange bottle. This line of hair products is starting to be available in most stores, but it can be found at hair salons who sale hair care products. You will need to invest in the shampoo, conditioner, smoothing creme, and straightening spray. The instructions on how to use all of these are also on the bottles.

When using any kind of straightening spray, hold the bottle upright away from your sectioned piece of hair about 4 inches and spray a light mist. Set the bottle down and straighten the section of the hair from root to tip.


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