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making my clip in hair extensions look natural?

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so heres the deal. i got synthetic hair extensions from hot topic, the thing is they are pin straight and for them to look natural i havto straighten my hair and put in extra gloss thingy to make my hair look like the fake hair. today i tried curling it and teasing it a bit to make it blend in with my own hair but it still would just stick out and wouldnt look even semi normal. how can i make my hair extensions look more natural?

well, the hot topic hair extensions are shitty, so they won’t really look real unless you have very straight, glossy hair.

I have tons of hair extensions–a set of human hair coontails, 3 pairs of blonde human hair, one pair of pink human hair, and one synthetic black extension from Spencers.

I also have a pair of the platinum blonde from hot topic, but I never wear them–they’re so small that they’re barely noticable, the clips are so small they barely stay in, and you can tell they’re fake.

so if you want extensions that look real, I’d get human hair extensions. you can get them on ebay for REALLY cheap–my pink pair that I have is absolutely GORGEOUS. they’re double-wefted [so they're extra-thick], they’re 2 inches wide, 18 inches long, and were only $13 [they came with another pair that I made into coontails and gave to a friend].

You spent $6 on those extensions, right? I’d splurge a little more and get the real thing, they’ll look AND feel better, and you can style them just like your real hair.

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