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can wearing clip-in hair extensions stop natural hair growth?

i’ve been wearing extentions for about 2 &1/2 years and while they look real, i want my actual real hair down to the length my extentions are.
it seems like it’s been taking a long time to grow & yes, i do cut my hair, but about a year ago i stopped completely unless it’s my bangs.
i dye my hair a lot too, so i don’t know if that plays into a lot.


I used to never hardly have my hair cut because i thought it would grow longer the less i cut it. I was completely wrong!!
The more you cut your hair (just a trim every time) the quicker and longer it grows. If you don’t cut off the ends they just split and cause your hair to break off when brushing and straightening etc.

Since i have been cutting it more often it has grown longer, although do remember that some peoples hair (like mine) takes forever to grow, so you could also have slow growing hair.

Clip in hair extensions do NOT stop your hair from growing, they are the safer alternative to glue in hair extensions which do stop your hair from growing as they break it.

If you are interested in exceptional quality clip in hair extensions i would highly recommend http://www.foxylocksextensions.com.

Hope this helps! x

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