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How can I get my hair back to my natural color???

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My natural hair color is balck and since feb. 2006, I have been dying my hair an ash blonde with highlights. I got tired of seeing and paying for the regrowth, so last month I went darker to a medium brown. I wanted to go even darker, so I dyed my hair black (my natual color) with an at home kit. My problem is that my highlights or some of the medium brown has shown through my black hair. I made sure I dyed all of my hair. I want my hair to be all one color. To get back to my natural color should I:

a) Get a stripper and strip all the color from my hair

b) dye my hair black with another at home kit? (which kit is a good one?)

Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!!!


Go to a SALON!

It’s the safest way to get what you want.

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