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How can I get my natural curly hair back?

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I had very curly hair when i was younger. when i was in high school i started using flat irons and heat styling products and somehow damaged my hair and lost all of my curls. is there anyway i can get my natural curly hair back? please help!

I had really curly hair, and I hated it. That led me to put a chemical straightener in it and it took most of the curl out of it. But, I soon realized that I missed my curls. My hair is finally getting it’s curl back, and only after a few months. Here are some tips of advice:
1. No heat styling tools. Absolutely none at all. Embrace your curls.
2.Get about 1-2 inches of your ends cut.(This is ridding your hair of dead ends, which makes your hair grow faster.)

3.Get Hot Oil treatments. There are many different brands and most can be found at Wal-Mart or other drugstores. Follow package instructions and do two treatments per week.
4. Get a really good, thick conditioner. (Pantene, Tresemme, or etc.) These may be costly but they work well. Put some in your hair as if you were in the shower. Make sure your hair is coated evenly and thickly. Then put your hair in a towel. Let this sit as long as you can. Then Rinse.
5. Use products that are for curly hair. (Such as shampoo, etc.)
6. Let your hair grow.
This may take some time.
Hope this helps. Good Luck.

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