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025 ENG Hair Loss

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Hi everyone, this is Michael.
And welcome to EngPods.
Like it or not, many men lose their hair as they get older.
My hair started to thin when I was 18 years old.
I used to have long curly hair if you can believe that.
One day, while looking at myself in the mirror, I saw my future.
I had a small point at the crown of my skull where my hair was not as full as it used to be.
I was aghast!
It was then and there that I decided to face the situation head on.
I went to a barbershop and had it all cut off.

And itâ??s been the same ever since.
Some people get hair transplants that can result in â??Barbieâ? head.
Other people wear a hat.
But that isnâ??t always practical.
A toupee is another possibility, but they usually only fool the person wearing it.
And my personal favorite is the comb over. Convincing no? No one knows Iâ??m bald… shhhh!
We have a saying in English:
Men who go bald from the front are great thinkers,
And men who go bald from the back are great lovers.
But men …

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