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Nappy Hair ( read info!)

okay first off! this isnt me!! this isnt funny nor cute in any kind of way or matter i have no kids but even if i did i would never ever treat my child like this!!! this lady is stupid and dumb for treating that beautiful babys hair like that plus she has a very beautiful grade!!! i was sent this by a friend and when i recieved it i was thinking who would film a child in agonising pain and laugh in the backround and then upload on the internet obviously the lady was on sumthing that day! but i think stuff like this is so stupid and needs to be spread around cause this is what happens to some people and its sad cause getting your hair combed is not one of the best things in the world!! i know i have very thick hair!!! but i have hear alot of rumors or whatever that the lady got her kids taken away from her and her name is tiffany dixon that is all i know. spread the word stuff like this could be highly preventable!!!

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