Customer Service

January 28th, 2010

The mission of is to give to you a wide range of Nappy Hair materials, to provide up to the minute and accurate information, and to offer services and programs desired. In fulfilling this mission we strive to act as the most convenient point of access for natural hair products, provide information and to actively seek to make community members who can provide insight on how to care of natural hair.
In fulfilling its mission, we ( will strive at all times to provide excellent customer service. Excellence in customer service means that educated and knowledgeable providers are ready to assist viewers in finding the materials and services they want and need. Excellence in customer service also means that the providers will try to offer services in a fair manner that treats everyone with courtesy and respect and asks for courtesy and respect in return. Providers in this case are other users on the website who may or may not know what they are talking about. Please use common sense when taking anything away from this website.
The following elements are emphasized in providing public service:
1. providers will treat every patron with equal respect and every request with equal importance.?2. Courtesy and attention to the needs of the user will be the key to all interactions. Providers will try to be flexible in meeting viewers’ needs. Whenever possible, judgment calls will be made in the viewers’ favor.?3. Skilled providers will use their knowledge of Nappy Hair resources to fulfill requests in a timely manner or else present alternatives when requests cannot be met immediately.?4. rules and procedures exist to make resources available on an equitable basis. If anyone has a question about this policy or if the purpose of a policy is not understood, an explanation should be provided or else referred to a supervisor or the director of the The ultimate goal of is to provide information collected from different sources, whilst giving opinions on the likes and dislikes of users.  Any comments are welcome regarding how well those expectations are being met.

Ethics:?All viewers deserve equal consideration and dignity for their requests for providers will seek to carry out the mission in a way that provides optimum service to all. providers recognize the confidentiality rights of its users. As a result, providers will not reveal the identity of people using this website or materials to a third party.
All requests for information will be considered confidential and such requests will never be discussed with a third party, except with another user for the purpose of answering the question.
Members will respond to inquiries with the best factual information available but will refrain from offering personal opinions or advice in response to queries. In particular, providers may direct viewers to sources of consumer information, but they will not recommend products or services.

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