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December 18th, 2009

Recently my wife and I were “arguing”  about the best way to deal with my daughters hair- what kind of products, natural vs permed hair et. al. We had a not so small fight about why natural hair products are better for her- and why she (my daughter) should be the one to choose whether she wants natural hair or not. We obviously did not agree- I lost- but since I am used to losing in the household I chose to bring my battle to the internet. I envision this site as being a go-to place for natural hair lovers -and not- with enough information and stories on what works and what does not work. As a result of this I urge you to provide as much information as you possibly can; We will be referencing a lot of data from public forums, you tube-yahoo answers and e.t.c. to give the whole perspective. I also welcome you to provide your feedback and anything that might help, myself and anyone else that might be looking for that information.

In addition I welcome you to browse the consumer resources portion on the right hand side. If you have any information/site that you would like to share please let us know. For the most part I will not censor any information/comment/product on the site- but if we have users that try a product, read a comment on this site and have a negative tone to it I will seriously consider and remove it.

Finally, as much as I would like to gloat at my wife over the infomation that I receive here I would like to get the best possible advice/ information out there so others can use it.

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