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New Hair Color Treatment from Hair Philosophie – saytiocoartillero

July 31st, 2012 No comments



Visit Hair Philosophie at 117 Tordesillas Street Finman Building Ground Floor, Salcedo Village Makati.

PR Consultant: Ria Yap

Hair Philosophie Facebook Page:

Colors used on my hair:
L’Oreal MAJI-LIFT 12-7 and 12-11 and MajiBlond – 900 S
*Both are Ash Brown/ Matte Reflect

My Hair Stylist: Junel
My Hair Colorist: Raffy

Previous Vlog: March 11, 2012 NEW Hair Color

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How To Do The Hair Chalk Trend

July 3rd, 2012 No comments

Hi guys! Here’s a fun tutorial on how temporary color your hair, ombre color the ends of your hair, add color streaks to your hair, using “hair chalking”.
Hair chalking is not new, but I thought it is so fun and it really works to color your hair.
It is a little messy- so just keep that in mind- may not be the best idea to do this when it’s raining outside! Ha Ha HA

All you need is”
A water bottle (optional)
Soft Pastels Chalk (like from the art store)
*DO NOT USE OIL PASTELS – it will stain the hair.
*a flat iron or curling iron to seal the color in

Protective Gloves

And then just have fun coloring your hair! This is a really fun way to try out a hair color before you commit to doing it more permanently. So have fun doing ombre color to your hair, adding color highlights or strips- just be careful it doesn’t get all over your pillow case!

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Have a good hair day and tons of fun, huge hugs, kandee

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At Home Hair Coloring Tips

June 5th, 2012 No comments

Look here: Follow me on Blippy I also reviewed this product on there!

Jarmaine Santiago
P.O Box 440
Simi Valley Ca, 93062

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How to Foil Hair – Hair Coloring a Modern Bob Haircut

June 11th, 2011 No comments

Learn more hair foiling techniques –
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Coloring and foiling hair seems like a pretty daunting task, but our friend Fernando Guzman from Studio 38 gives you his tips of making is simple and easy.
Check out the video on how to foil hair and his cool multi-color hair coloring techniques on a modern Bob Haircut.
For more tips of how to foil hair and separate when coloring, follow these great tips:
Tip #1
Find the client’s normal hair part. Comb the hair so it falls naturally.
Tip #2
Decide if you’re doing thin, natural-looking highlights or chunky highlights. This will determine how much hair you foil. Run the pointy end of a fine-tooth comb across the hair, separating a small section.
Tip #3
Hold the hair in one hand while you weave the pointy end through the hair. This will separate the hair you want to foil. If the person wants natural looking foils, weave it tightly, choosing only a few hairs at a time. For chunky highlights, allow for greater distance as you weave the comb.
Tip #4
Fold the top inch of the foil paper underneath. Place the pointy end of your comb into that fold. Hold the foil tightly under the hair you are going to color.
Tip #5
Remove the comb and hold the foil tightly into place with one hand. It should be flat against the head. Dip the applicator brush into the color solution.
Tip #6
Brush the color onto the hair. Get as much of the root as possible. Once all the hair is saturated, fold the foil up until it covers all of the colored hair.
Tip #7
Continue the process, moving from one section to the next, until all the desired hair is wrapped in foil.

This episode is over 10 mins long and as a result, we cannot load the whole thing to this Channel.

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(foil hair highlights)

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