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How To Apply Clip-In Human Hair Extensions

February 6th, 2010 No comments

This is a video tutorial on how to apply clip-in hair extensions. Make sure you look for the Salon Special link on the side if you want to order the 20″ extensions! These extensions are from The length of these extension are 20″ long. These are premium remi human hair extensions! These extensions are super thick and gorgeous. The cost was $99.00 for 125g of hair! Please check out !

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When you go to their site. Click on Salon Special link on the left side. Go the the bottom and click on the icon that says Click here for Fabulous Hair. There is a link at the top for the Color Chart. You click on the color choice that you want, then click Add to Cart. Then, you click on the extensions that you want and click Add to Cart. The Salon Special is there for $99.

Duration : 0:8:36

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How to Put In Hair Extensions

January 30th, 2010 No comments

This video features me putting on real human hair extensions. I bought these extensions from Sally Beauty Supply. The name of the brand is Euronext . The cost was around $80.00 for real human hair which isn’t bad at all! There are 8 pieces in this set. There are 2 six inch wefts, 2 five inch wefts, and 4 one inch wefts. The actual length of these was around 18 inches but I trimmed some off and colored them to match my hair! The link to the Sally’s website is Hope you enjoy!

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Duration : 0:9:51

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Hair extensions for natural red heads?

January 15th, 2010 No comments

I’ve wanted hair extensions for a little over two years but I’ve never been able to find extensions in my natural color. <$– this is my natural hair colour.
My questions are:
Is it possible to get extensions in my natural colour?
How much would they cost in the UK?
Do they damage the hair?

You can get hair extensions to match any hair colour,
if you go into a black african hair dressers, they sometimes can do it for you,

but if you want just clip in ones your better of to go to a market as they are cheaper.
i got my whole head done in a black african hair dressers and it cost me £65,
but the clip in ones which are much better cost me £24.
They do damage the hair if you get it done too much,,
will make your hair go really thin.
hope this helps

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how do i make clip in hair extensions look natural?

December 23rd, 2009 No comments

i’ve recently had my hair cut alot shorter than it used to be due to damage so i want to get clip in hair extensions to make it longer again. i got some a few weeks ago which turned out the wrong colour but despite that, they look really fake and you can tell where my natural hair ends and the extensions start. Does anyone know how i can make them merge better and look more natural? i have quite thick hair btw. Thanks

i had the same problem
ur hair needs to be layered, and the extensions need to be as thick as ur natural hair.
also clip the extensions quite high up in your hair
hope it works :)

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How do you keep sewn in weave tracks from showing in the front of the head with ALL natural hair cornrowed?

December 22nd, 2009 No comments

Which cornrow pattern is best for a long layered sewn in weave to keep the tracks from showing after braiding ALL natural hair?

You want to do a circular pattern that goes around your head, and avoid starting any braids from the front of your head. Then you’ll want to sew in the weave in a way that will allow you to have a bang.

You can also leave out some of your hair in the front, and cornrow the rest. Once you sew in the tracks, you can just blend the loose hair in with the weave. You may have to flat-iron it to make is smooth. That was you won’t have to have a bang.

Good luck!

How to: Natural looking extensions for short hair.

September 10th, 2009 No comments

How to make extensions look natural for short hair.

Remy Euronext 14′ Human hair extensions in black. I’m wearing TWO boxes worth of hair.
$79.99 per box at Sally’s beauty supplies.

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I had originally saw SarahxWeave do this, but different. Check her out!!!!

Duration : 0:3:33

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